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Press Editorials

Reneging on deals makes needed compromise tough

The Legislature might finally act this coming week to prevent insolvent Atlantic City from spiraling into chaos and bankruptcy. The legislators are expected to be done with their budget work and ready to take close and important votes.

EHC officials need to reassure public on police reforms

Mum is not the word, or at least shouldn't be when citizens are told their police department isn't following proper practices on dozens of matters, some of them critical. Yet that was the headline a month after Egg Harbor City residents read about the report.

Vacant-home programs good; time will tell which is better

On a lovely spring day earlier this week, Pleasantville's public works crew cleaned up its popular bike path, preparing it for legions of youngsters who will hit the pedals as the weather warms.

Trash handling another sign Atlantic City leaders don't get it

Atlantic City leaders have mishandled its trash and recycling collection, missing an easy opportunity for the insolvent municipal government to cut spending.

Casino workers union prepared for this challenging year

Atlantic City government isn't the only organization directly affected by the decline in casino gambling. The union representing casino workers, Unite Here Local 54, has experienced a similar drop in revenue.

Cap slows property tax increases, yet almost guarantees them

Workers for private businesses accept that something is better than nothing - for example, getting a small bonus when a raise is out of the question, or a small perk or concession when a small bonus isn't possible.

Time to stop and figure cost of Margate's fight against dunes

Margate residents and officials began fighting with the state Department of Environmental Protection over its dunes a quarter century ago.

Basketball star Richards shows how it's done in victory and defeat

Athletes typically handle well the thrill of victory, but sometimes run into trouble with the agony of defeat.

N.J. bottle bill offends consumers, environment, sense

N.J. legislators have proposed a new, technically non-tax way to squeeze money from residents: Make them give the state money and then jump through hoops to try to get it all back. Since getting the money refunded would require people to waste time and more money, they often wouldn't bother and the state would get to keep it.

Approval of North Jersey casinos seems less likely ... for now

Just a month ago - ancient history for Atlantic City, whose crisis shifts hourly - the Legislature voted to let the public decide whether to allow two new casinos to open in North Jersey.

PARCC test settles in, helping keep N.J. an education leader

New Jersey has used a variety of annual standardized tests since 1975 to make sure schools are providing the effective public education required by law.

Making state aid to public colleges rational should help area schools

This past month was a fitting time for the presidents of public universities in South Jersey to plead for more state financial aid. March was also when high school seniors were getting notices of financial aid offers from universities all over America.

Reform Port Authority of N.Y.-N.J., the sooner the better

The legislation that Gov. Chris Christie supports already has cleared one legislative hurdle, but Democrats in the Legislature won't allow a vote on it. Sound familiar? This time the goal is not rescuing a failed city, but reforming a bi-state agency desperately needing it.

N.J., region advancing in battle against opioid addiction

Overcoming drug addiction is terribly difficult for individuals, so recovering from what the Food and Drug Administration calls the American epidemic of opioid addiction and overdoses will require a long and massive campaign.

CRDA funds in Camden slip away before reclaiming

The revival last month of opposition to Casino Reinvestment Development Authority funding of a project on the former Pennsauken Mart site was like the return of an old friend.

Find the exit from politics and enact the A.C. package

Democrats are still playing political brinksmanship as Atlantic City nears collapse and Gov. Christie is still talking tough.

State keeps Wharton roads open; users can help compromise work

Last year, the state Department of Environmental Protection proposed closing half the dirt roads in Wharton State Forest - the largest track in the state park system, just north of Hammonton - to street-legal vehicles in an effort to limit damage to some natural areas. That prompted strong opposition from law-abiding users, who wondered why everyone should suffer due to the destructive acts of a few in the absence of meaningful enforcement.

Don't let screening problems undermine Atlantic City's airport

The Atlantic City area has enough of its own problems these days. The last thing it needs is to have the Transportation Security Administration and other entities at Atlantic City International Airport add to them.

Take time to get it right on hospitals' tax exemption

At a time when there is a stunning lack of cooperation going on in state and local politics, a consensus seems to have been reached on dealing with the divisive issue of property taxes and the state's nonprofit hospitals.

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