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The ultimate pancake

There are precious few foods that slip easily under a door. Lettuce leaves come to mind, along with matzo and veal scaloppine. But as tempting as a kosher veal and salad sandwich sounds, it never will replace my favorite from the flat-food group: pancakes.

Peas refreshing change from root veggies

With their bright green hue and the fact they are one of the first nonleafy vegetables to be harvested in spring, peas provide a refreshing change from a winter's worth of root vegetables. The accompanying recipe triples the pea love by incorporating three kinds: sweet shelled peas, plump sugar snap peas and crunchy snow peas.

Where true grits go for a twist and shout

It's a mystery to Southerners as to why Northerners often call grits Cream of Wheat.

Use whole grains to gussy up that old 3-bean salad

In certain parts of the country, a good three-bean salad is almost always the anchor to a potluck or picnic, the kinds of gatherings where sturdy, crowd-pleasing, portable - and frankly inexpensive - food is wanted.

Tart up your basic toast for Mother's Day

For some reason, Mother's Day has become synonymous with breakfast in bed. Maybe it is because it is the easiest meal of the day and even folks who can't cook can make toast.

Get more whole grains on the dinner table

A common refrain among those who urge us to adopt a healthy diet is to eat more whole grains.

Take challenge, make Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

With just a few ingredients, Spaghetti alla Carbonara is one of those classic dishes that can show off your culinary skills.

Pineapple on the grill: The secret's in the spice

By mid-April, when I have grown weary of winter citrus but the bounty of local berries hasn't hit the market yet, I like to turn to the tropics for some sweet, juicy variety. My luscious pineapple dessert not only is packed with island flavor, it satisfies a sweet tooth healthfully as well.

For gardeners, spring is more about sowing than reaping

The word "primavera" means "spring" in several languages, and to most people it suggests pasta primavera: pasta with spring vegetables. Although you might suppose this to be a traditional Italian recipe, such as spaghetti Bolognese, pasta primavera arose rather suddenly in the 1970s, like Venus from the sea, with several chefs claiming to be its creator.

Hint! Hint! This is the treat moms want on Mother's Day

I'm always at a bit of a loss about what to say about Mother's Day, not to mention similar holidays that feel slightly (more than slightly?) manufactured.

Want to bake?

Tools are important. Whether you're a carpenter, scientist, farmer or engineer, success depends on having the right gear for the job.

Eclairs take their place as savory fresh starts for breakfast

We love brunch, but we love it even more in the spring, when sunlight flickers through the early buds and life vibrates with fresh starts.

Dress up asparagus

The fact that decent asparagus is now available all year doesn't really matter. We've been programed to think of it as something we must eat in spring. And so we shall.

Easy recipe eliminates intimidation of making sausage

If you've always nursed a yen to make your own sausage, but you don't own a meat grinder and you're dubious about the joys of stuffing ground meat into casings, this recipe for rustic sausage patties is for you.

Learn to make this simple but flavorful Brussels sprouts salad

This Brussels sprouts salad is simple yet packed with flavor.

Horseradish boasts underappreciated, seriously bold kick

Horseradish - a member of the mustard family native to Eastern and Central Europe - has been enjoyed by people since antiquity. Even so, when Peter Kump, one of my mentors, wrote in praise of the root in 1992, he argued well that horseradish remained vastly underappreciated.

Kohlrabi, miso and soy sauce lend an Asian flavor to slaw

I love all kinds of coleslaw.

Sea Isle City's top restaurants, in pictures

With the opening of Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House in Sea Isle City on Memorial Day, we looked through reservation website OpenTable's restaurant selections for the city to see where else diners love to eat.

The case against overnight oats and for the traditional

Overnight oats are an overnight sensation. Easy! Healthy! Quick! It's the breakfast trifecta, in a jar.

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